I haven't blogged in a long long time because things have been a bit... chaotic. Ok, fine: very chaotic. It's so much easier to blog only the good moments and happy memories. However real life has ups and downs, and the past 3 months have been amongst the most challenging of my life.

See... my husband and I are currently separated. It took me 90 days to be able to simply write this down here. Being married has been an amazing journey in my life so far but challenges have inspired us to take time apart and re-assess. It's been a few months full of heartbreak, sleepless nights and way too much chocolate, but I am finally seeing the light, very very slowly. For the first time this week, I am feeling a little like myself again. And not the "myself" family and friends want me to be, but the one I am truly, deeply in my soul.

Summer is my favorite season and was there to cheer me up every morning, let me swim in countless pools, lakes and rivers and shun it's warm sunlight right into my heart. I think one day, once the heartbreak has subdued, I will be able to look at this Summer as a crossroad in my life, a turning point before many wonderful things could cross my path. Hard adventures that made me stronger. And for that they are more than worth being remembered forever. Virginie XO



I recently had the opportunity to spend two weeks in Montreal for my new gig and got to celebrate my birthday in my hometown with close friends. There were a lot of reasons to celebrate and it felt like a really whimsical time, sparklers included! A lot of magical things happened, of the magnitude of things that shift the future forever, and I feel beyond blessed. Makes getting older a bit smoother.

I am also so very grateful for the warm welcome the Montreal Rodeo FX team had in store for me. I mean: have you seen this birthday installation? I hope I remember this time forever. Virginie XO



Surpriiiiise! I am joining the Rodeo FX team and will be working on AMAZING film and television projects from their Quebec city studio. W O W !! These photos are from the studio inauguration a few months ago, when we were invited to pose with the Emmy the team won for Outstanding VFX in television for Game of Thrones. To say I was geeking out is a major understatement! I'm a huge fan of the show and very grateful for the opportunity to join this studio. Cheers to new adventures! Virginie XO



Please meet my new favorite: Dr. Mindy Lahiri!  She is so cool and kind of the cutest. She is a bit... unconventional at first, but it's surprising in a good way to discover her to be so liberated, unapologetic and politically incorrect. SO refreshing in a TV world full of super beautiful people and really high pitched skinny girls! I cannot wait for season 4 to hit Netflix Canada on February 22. Virginie XO



I'm always a bit late at doing my yearly retrospect (see 2014 here, 2013 here and 2012 here) but 2015 was particularly hard to do. The last year was challenging in many many ways... but after a few power yoga sessions and a screaming freeing exercise in the middle of the forest, I'm finally ready to look back with peace, be grateful for the chance to grow and move on! I'm focused on making 2016 a great year and I'm already SO excited for the new opportunities I have coming up in the next few months. Best (belated!) wishes for the new year everyone! Virginie XO