Last November, I had the best idea I have ever had and took myself on a trip to Japan. 

I had traveled a bit by myself before (notably that time at the Cannes Film Festival) but usually for work so never quite that alone. I had wanted to visit Japan ever since transiting there on my way to Korea and whit all the changes going in in my life in the past two years, I didn't want to wait any longer to make this dream come true. I would not travel everywhere alone, mostly for safety reasons, but it felt like Japan was the perfect place to explore on my own. Seriously : best idea I ever had.

With a bit over two weeks planned in Japan, I made a simple itinerary that would include Tokyo, Kyoto, Nara, Narita and Okinawa. I will be sharing each part of the trip in separate posts, as each of my destinations was one hundred percent magical and special. This trip touched me in so many ways forever, and I am so grateful that I get to share it here in my online journal. XO



Unexpectedly the most romantic film I have seen in a long time and a great film for a geeky Valentine's date. You need to see this! XO



Paul Veroheven has been one of my favourite directors for a long time. Full disclosure : I have a bit of an obsession with Basic Instinct and when I was 18 I stole a dvd of The Fourth Man (ok... I actually rented it and never returned it). From the moment I first saw the trailer for Elle, which premiered at the Cannes Film Festival, I was extremely excited for it. Although this film will definitely not be everyone's cup of team (my date hated it!), I love that it is way outside the box... and so blatantly inappropriate. I would love to make dark smouldering films the way Veroheven makes them,  and in his late 70's. not less Cool dude much? Life goals I tell you. 



Spending a few days beach side was high on my wish list for 2017. Between separating from my husband, moving back to Montreal and starting a new position in a new studio, I wasn't sure I could make it happen. But when you wish upon a star, the universe has a way of making wishes come true. I was more than excited to spend a long week-end in Cape Cod, where I had never traveled before and I fell in love hard. We rented a little beach side studio in North Truro and explored Provincetown, Herring Cove and Race Point Beach with much delight. I ate some of the best food I have ever eaten and if you visit P-town, I definitely recommend trying Bubala's by the Bay (the tuna tataki and lobster ravioli where out of this world) and having breakfast at Yolqueria. I'm very grateful for the opportunity to discover this beautiful part of Massachusetts, with it's renowned sand dunes that looked right out of a Star Wars film. And grateful for this little blog, where I get to share and slowly build back. Virginie XO