Raymond's Projection Night In Moncton

My last day in Moncton was really sweet. I had stimulating conversations with other filmmakers from Montréal and Paris, ate lobster and squeezed in a vintage shopping trip.

At night it was finally time for Raymond's projection, the reason for my trip in the first place. It was shown in a category called ''Osez les courts'' (means ''Dare Shorts'') and the other movies in the category were really good as well. My favorites were Sophie Farkas-Bolla's Chroniques de l'autre and Keren Marciano's Mémoire d'une jeune fille dérangée (see trailer below). There was a big line up to get in the theater which got us excited. 

We really wanted to see Pierre Ferrière's Toute ma vie and had asked Marie-Renée to push back the viewing by six minutes so everybody could see both. It was great! Once again I was up front, presenting the movie.

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