Location Scouting

On Christmas Eve and Christmas day Ramiro and I went location scouting for our feature film project, Christian of The Year, that will begin shooting this Spring (SO excited). It may sound odd but to us it was just the perfect way of spending Christmas (we're just passionate like that and you know how much I love location scouting!). We had the greatest time exploring the landscape with the snow mobile and our snowshoes. And we did spend both evenings with our families eating delicious food to make up for it.

I can't show you much just yet, have to keep the beauty shots for the movie, but will be sharing more about this project as 2011 unfolds, I promise!


  1. snowy heaven! love the snowmobile shots and well they are all great. what a cool way to spend the holidays, i think it's fab that you two share this passion and can scout together like that. just awesome, can't wait to hear more about this project. ♥

  2. Oulala! That must have been fun... the pictures are lovely! Can't wait to see what this movie will be about :P

    PS: Happy new year!


  3. How beautiful! I'm pretty sure if my job involved location scouting I'd be happy enough to work on Christmas Day!

  4. This sounds so exciting! And the place looks beautiful with all that snow - I imagine in the spring it will be beautiful as well!

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