The First Resolution

My resolution last year was to always be chic. I am pretty proud to say I totally stayed true to it (most of the time!). After moving to Québec city I was stuck in a rut (let's just say it's not exactly fashion capital). However I decided that despite everyone I was going to be chic and daring. I became very inspired by many things, notably Japanese lolita style, and started using style to achieve my career goals. 

One year later here I am, still on a quest for my true style self. I can't wait to see what inspires me in 2011 and I hope I can get beyond my own conceptions! And so the first resolution is: Think outside the box. With everything (I might have to write it everywhere in my house to really get it in my head!).

I'm a little nervous with this resolution, wish me luck :)
I have a few other resolutions I'll happily share this week. But let's just take them one at the time shall we?

Can't wait to see what 2011 has in store for all of us!


  1. Love the photos.. with all that ice and snow.. looks more like the Arctic!! LOL you look awesome and dont complain girl.. Quebec is alot more chic that Victoria BC let me tell you!! LOL nothing but little old ladies here with blue hair.. hah hah

  2. Gorgeous photos!
    I live in the least chic place on EARTH, which makes it quite hard to motivate myself to be a little chic, but I always try :) Good luck with the resolution ^.^

    x Christine

  3. Hehe yes! That's one of my 3 resolutions this year too. And girl, you ARE totally chic. That dress is fabulous. ;)


  4. Definitely a great resolution that you can stick to if you put your mind to it! Good luck and here's to a wonderful new year!

  5. i think that's so awesome, you set your mind to it and it worked! feeling good in what you wear can make all the difference to a day and an objective.

    your sweet little frock, that stole and heavenly legs - wow! so gorgeous, i dream of having your eyebrows, they frame your eyes beautifully. ♥

  6. That lace is GORGEOUS and I love how you styled the dress! So cute!

  7. Maybe not the same depth like Montreal but I find girls from Quebec City are dressed really well too!

    p.s. you're a movie producer? Wow, how does it feel being in Cannes Film Fest?

    Stay Happy and Positive!





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