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For a long time now I have been wanting to be my own boss and work as a freelance independent producer.
Working at Spirafilm as the coop's Art Director for the past two years was a wonderful experience. I met a lot of amazing people, learned a lot and got to travel. I feel very blessed and know how lucky I am in this industry to have had a day job directly in link with my career aspirations. However I feel like it has run it's course. That's why after much consideration I decided to start producing my independent movie projects full time...

Did you hear that scream of joy all the way to your part of the world? I am WAY excited!

As a producer, I've had the most success so far when taking risks and being gutsy. That's why I decided it was time to take the same approach when it came to career decisions. However that doesn't mean that if you plan to become a freelance worker you shouldn't be organized or think ahead. I had been wanting to be a freelance producer for a solid year now and so I got prepared. These are the steps I took:

- I made a plan. I found movie projects I was passionate in 2010, knowing that movie making is a long process. It made for a busy busy year, but now I have a starting point. My projects for 2011: producing Ramiro's first feature film (a major major step in our careers),  two short films and a series of videos. I think If you quit your job and have to start from scratch it could be a little scarier. I had also already mapped out my 2011 year project wise so that I would know that I have enough projects to be busy full time, know when money would start coming in and when I will have to start looking for new projects.

- I took a realistic approach to becoming a freelancer. I decided that following my heart and taking a risk ment making compromises, working long hours and making less money (in the beginning at least). You have to be realistic in a situation like this one, even when you are a dreamer like me. Otherwise you might set yourself up for disillusionment and come to doubt your decision.

- I saved some money and revisited the Bélanger household  budget. I for one am more motivated by personal accomplishment and creative freedom than money. However here too you have to be realistic and let's face it our rent doesn't pay itself in cuddles. Putting financial pressure on a new business venture can be the best way to make it fail and to take all the fun out of it. So I planned accordingly, talked it over with my husband and cut some of my expenses for the time being. It will all be worth it for sure! 

Although every situation is different and I am by no means freelancer guru, I did spend a lot of time thinking this over in the past year. I would say if you are thinking of working for yourself you have to be confident about your decision, be prepared, don't be impulsive and don't wait for the "perfect" moment (which, just like for having a baby, does not exist).

If you are thinking of quitting your job to work on a project or self owned business full time and are looking for inspiration, I recommend reading this post on Elsie Flannigan's blog, A Beautiful Mess, or Gussy's story over on her blog

As for me: wish me luck! I have no doubt my adventures are about to get more exciting than ever and as creative as can be!

This is one step closer to accomplishing Ramiro and I's filmmaking dreams and a good decision in the Great Scheme of things. And hopefully one step closer to California... (to be continued!)


  1. What an awesome inspirational story. This is my first time visiting your blog, but I wish you the best of luck!


  2. very good! go for it! I will started also as independent soon, that will give you so much satisfaction.

  3. Congratulations! That is such an exciting step!

    The Auspicious Life

  4. Quelles belles photos de toi, comme toujours...beautiful pictures of you as always...I knew about all your new plans and totally agree with you, follow your heart, your instinct...life will guide you and I know you will see and feel the signs...I totally believe in you and your projects and I just loooooooove writing once in a while on your blogue.......

    Maman qui t'aime

  5. Congratulations on your big decision! That's very exciting, and you sound like you've really planned everything out well. I'm hoping to be able to start freelancing full time this year as well, so I totally get where you're coming from. I'm still in the process of organizing, though, and am at that fun spot where every facet of your life feels like it's overlapping and you start to worry that your head's going to explode.

    Definitely eager to see/hear where your adventure takes you!

    And please get in touch if you're ever in Cali!

    P.S. The pops of red are a great touch. Nice and powerful and confidence-boosting! =)

  6. Well, you are definitely dressing to impress. I hear a lot from freelancers that it's easy to get lazy and unmotivated when there is no need to get dressed up and go to a job. It seems like you've really thought this out and I wish you all the best of luck.

  7. Weeeeee! How fantastic. Plus, those shoes and red leather gloves are to die for. You're on your way AND you look amazing, win win! :)


  8. You are so inspiring, not to mention beautiful!
    Love the touches of red on the classic outfit, gorgeous.

  9. First of all - I'm loving your red shoes!

    Second, congrats!!!

    Third, I think your plan is so well thought out. You are sure to succeed. I can't wait to follow your adventures working for yourself. I'm super excited for ya!


  10. Thank you so much girls!

    And Elisabeth, in a few years I will live in California (I believe in positive thinking, ha ha!) and then you, Francesca and me will hang for sure :)

  11. Girl it looks like you've got your head in the right place and all your eggs in the basket. This is so very exciting to hear about. And you know, my father in law is a producer and owns his own company. He started from nothing and now he own a multi million dollar business and makes all kinds of documentaries for Nasa.

    Wishing you the best of luck!

  12. virginie, my gosh - those photos of you are HOT A$$!!! you're such a beautiful girl. ohhhhh, exciting news...boss lady for reals. congratulations, i'm sure the decision was well weighed but you know what you'll be a success at whatever road you travel. i mean look at those project management skills already taking form with the pre-plan, there's always cut backs in the beginning but you will soar to high new heights. way to keep it unique and go for your destiny.

    i've read both those posts and you're so right, they rock. i don't know if you're familiar with danielle laporte (a local vancouverite) but her blog is full of entrepreneurial expertise, advice and stellar info. it's called white hot truth, i highly recommend a glance or long stroll through. i wish you all the lucks lades. ♥

    pea ess: i really love reading your comments, they always make me smile big!

  13. Congrats to you, you beautiful professional lady, you!

    I am so excited for you...and I am also very excited about your little red accessories. GORGEOUS!

    Happy Weekend, Lovely! :)

  14. super cute! u have such unique style! :)


  15. That's quite a big courageous step to take.

    I wish you the best of luck and I hope that I can blog about your films one day soon.

  16. Love the red shoes! Super cute! Awesome that you are taking risks and begin gutsy! I just reviewed my budget too. Best of luck to you in 2011! I am sure you will be doing great things!

  17. wow congrats! lovely blog too!

    The Flower Girl


  18. I looove the red details, you look super beautiful and sophisticated :) my brother's in the filmbusiness too (lighting and electrician, but he wants to become a director), and it's always hard to find the right approach. It's such a tough field!

  19. I just came across your blog and it's so interesting - you sound like you have an amazing careeer in film!

    I also love your outfit - the red shoes are too cute!!


  20. Congrats! Fantastic outfit!


  21. Omg, I love you red leather gloves! I have a pair of hot red leather gloves too. They're my favorite thing to put on this winter. I love how red POPS!

  22. Go for it! :) Great outfit by the way, fits perfectly!



  23. Beautiful outfit! I love the red gloves! And thank you so much for the links; I've always wanted to do something like that for myself and it's such an inspiration for me! xoxoxoo

  24. Ok first of all, I have to say DAMN! on your accessories. Love the bright pop of color.

    Second, CONGRATS on working toward your dream full-time! Jealous/super happy for you!

    Third, thanks for your sweet comment :) You're clearly such a class act that I'm really too flattered!

  25. Enfin!!!
    How do you start the first of our BIG years..? By making the right first BIG decision!

    I did so... by coming back to Quebec City. I'm very confident that OFF ON THE ROOF Season II will be a BLAST xoxoxoxox

  26. I really enjoy your outfits so I will follow you!! I am from Prague/Czech Republic:) I will join the 30 x 30 challenge. You can see my blog;)

  27. Fabulous dressing Virginie! I'm very happy that I work with you last year. I just find your blog, very nice point of view and subject :-)

  28. Amazing! Wishing you all the best! : )


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