Last Night's Movie

Brigitte Bardot is my absolute favorite icon ever. She is just the most gorgeous woman that ever was, she has such a unic way of acting and she lived her life scandalously without any regrets. She inspires me SO!

I love to watch her dance in this movie... Can you believe she was 6  months pregnant while shooting? They sure hide that bump well! Gainsbourg has a small role in this movie too, it is rumoured that it was the moment he fell in love with her,  although their love affair only took place several years later.

Happy Sunday everyone :)


  1. she's like the perfect barbiedoll <3 and wtf pregnant??? I need proof, I have no bun in the oven except for two helpings of couscous salad and I don't have a waist that tiny! :D

  2. I know right? Yet it's totally true! In the third act she is wearing a low cut cocktail dress and you can totally tell by her cleavage and the way she holds her trench to hide the bump ;)

  3. This is adorable. Look at her moves! And you can't even tell she was pregnant.

  4. This is a fun clip. Love the dancing. :)

    I saw Contempt for the first time last year, and thought Bardot was great in it.

  5. Contempt is without a doubt her best performance and one of my favorites of Godard. She once said it was the only good movie she ever made (and she made over 50!).


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