Sneak Peak: Roof Top Photo Shoot

On Saturday we were up on my friend Elisabeth's roof for a special photo shoot concerning the launch on the second season of OFF On The Roof, a musical videos series I produce and direct with my friend Sophie Bernier. 
It was a really hard shoot because it was extremely cold and unbelievably windy. Although our theme was Summer, it's still feels very much like Winter up here.

Thank you so much to Elisabeth for her patience, talent and all around fabulousness. I'll be sharing more soon!


  1. Gorgeous, these pictures are SO lovely, creative, and I'm putting them in my inspiration folder right now -LOVE! xx veronika

  2. I have to tell you something though you may not like it. I am in love with your shoes. I would like to run away with them.

  3. Ha ha Bre I totally understand, these shoes make hearts swoon wherever they go! I got them at ModCloth a few years ago for 40$, best purchase EVER! And SO comfortable too :)

    And Veronika I'm so glad you are inspired by these, we are going to have another similar photo shoot when the weather's warmer :)

  4. LOVE these pictures how wonderfully retro xox

  5. Aw, you prolly wanted to wear something warmer back then but you couldn't b'coz you had to follow the summer theme... Anyway, I've seen the link of OFF On The Roof. Which episode is this? I'd like to see more of your experience on the roof!

  6. Exactly! And it was especially cold for the season that day, I'll never forget!

    This shoot wasn't for an episode, it was for the visual of our site, offontheroof.com


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