Artistic Differences

I feel very lucky to have different people help me take my picture for my beloved blog. Such as Sophie and Elisabeth and... Ramiro. Although we don't necessarily have the same outlook on photography.

Every time Ramiro takes my picture we always have different visions of the setting and concept. I like 2D pics where I stand in front of a flat visually interesting background and have nothing else be part of the picture. I like the graphic novel effect it has.
He, on the other hand, likes 3D, depth of field and always frames everything: the cars, the snow, the side walk trash, the passer bys... He likes it real and movie imagery inspired.

In the end I like both outlooks, I really do. But I mostly love this turban, from any angle (don't you?)!

Our artistic differences always force me to see things from a different angle and for that I am SO thankful. I feel very blessed today to have people in my life I can be creative with and that open me to new ways of seeing, feeling and thinking. 

No matter what photography tricks and techniques you use, at the end all that matters is to feel it.

Variety is the spice of life after all. Let's embrace it :)


  1. 2D or 3D, you look fabulous either way! Love the headscarf/turban and those jeans look amazing on you! :)


  2. Bonjour my beautiful daughter, I love your turban, beautiful colours and beautiful hair :-))) wish I could wear it ''your way'' :-)))Maman qui t'aime plein de baisers :-)))

  3. I love that turban!

    Monique xx


  4. I just found your blog and I love your style. Those jeans are perfect! The tuban looks great, I think I want one:)

  5. i am loving the turban and the trousers! too cute!


  6. That's so nice that you have so much help taking great photos for you and getting different angels :) Your turban is one of the best I've seen!

  7. Adore the headband!!!!! grear style!

  8. Oh mean I need to figure out how to wear scarves that way.

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  9. I seriously believe that this may be my favorite set of photos, yet! You look so so so beautiful, the setting is perfection, the photography style is lovely (all of them), and the TURBAN?! OH, the turban. I die. It is so lovely. Do tell, did you tie it up yourself, or did you buy it this way? I would love to replicate the look someday, my beautiful friend!

  10. I love this outfit! (both the 2D and 3D versions). I find that my husband and I differ in a similar way, although I'm not quite sure what his idea is (but he doesn't get my ideas sometimes). But it always works out. :)

  11. Ha, interesting debate you've opened. Albs and I also have different outlooks on my blog photography. I have to constantly reinforce that while I also love the pictures that include loads of scenery, I have to be the main focus (as it is a style blog, useless if you can't see my outfit). I'm also a bit obsessive about matching bits of the background, and I don't think he sees the colour the way I do until after the fact. Still, the collaboration is most interesting. I like both sets of pictures here! There's room on the blog for both!

  12. Oh, wow! You look awesome! I lvoe your headband so much!

  13. I love the turban and the pictures so lovely.

  14. I just found your blog, you are too cute! I love this turban with your outfit! :)

    xo Lynzy

  15. Wow, who would have thought the turban would get such love!

    Ashley I tied it myself rather fast, it's actually a light scarf that I folded. I have a few other tricks I want to try with scarves worn as hair deco, maybe I should do a little how to post?

    Thanks for the lovely comments guys, warms my heart :)

  16. i love the color in these shots! that big wall of yellow is awesome! and i love how you are rocking that turban!


  17. You rock the turban look. It looks so fantastic!


  18. Ok I am in love with your blog! You are so so pretty and this outfit is amazing!

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  19. 2D or 3D you look great in that outfit. I am glad you posted both types of photos as it creates imagination for me and great imagery for all. How dod you do your awesome turban anyhow?

  20. I love those jeans! So cute with the red pumps! :)

  21. Very lovely indeed! Love the head/hair band!

  22. from any angle, most def! you and your amazing turban are keepers for sure. i like both yours and Ramiro's visions and let me tell you....he feels you.

    those photos are gorgeous and is it too much to say that i love your butt?! um, that's an OMG right there okay b/c it's freakin' awesome. from one girl to another with nothing more than admiration in my eyes, just had to say. xo ♥

  23. awww how cute are you! merci pour le mot, tu sais que tu m'inspires tellement aussi! hâte hâte au prochain projet ensemble (chuuuuut!). bientôt, un café et discussion? :)

  24. OMG Lynn! Ha ha, thanks :O

    Told you I was a lost member of the Kardashian family didn't I?

  25. You're right, that turban is quite amazing and lovely from any angle. Hehe, I am jealous...I definitely would love to have one just like that:) Your jeans are quite fabulous as well.

    Gorgeous photos all around. The last one of you looks straight off a magazine cover! Happy Friday!

  26. Firstly I love all of the pictures, really fantastic! And indeed your turban scarf is perfect from every angle, love how you've styled it with the wide leg jeans + simple black top... fabulous as always! xx veronika

  27. All of these photos are really fabulous, because the location is so visually stimulating- the yellow door just pops out of the wall! But I can see a distinct difference between the two styles of photography. I'm not certain I could say which one I prefer, because I'm mainly looking at your outfit :) I love the small glimpse of your bright shoes peeking out from beneath your jeans, and you're absolutely tight about the turban. It's fabulous from every angle!


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