Last Night's Movie

The Devil Wears Prada, a film by David Frankel.

I'm not the biggest "chick flick" movie fan (I didn't even like The Notebook...) but something about The Devil Wears Prada charms me every time I watch it. The acting is really really good, the story unfolds really well (and for once is career oriented) and the Chanel overload makes my heart flutter every time! The clothes is just divine, thanks to the fab Patricia Field.


  1. I really enjoyed this movie as well! I'm not partial to chick flicks (unless I'm really sick, then I get it) but both my husband and I really liked it. Maybe it was Meryl, maybe it was the story - we'll never know. But it's good.

  2. truly, madly, deeply. yes and more yes! i feel ya lades. ♥


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