I ♥ Thrifting

skirt: thrifted / top: thrifted / belt: thrifted / flower brooch: Ruban Cassette / sandals: Spring
So, tell me, are you a thrift shopper? 

I am newly converted to this way of looking at my clothes and I love when an outfit like this one has such a high thriftiness percentage! Tomorrow I will be posting about how I started thrift shopping, but for now I can tell you a story that exemplifies why thrifting is such a good idea:

This skirt was in store at Urban Outfitters last Fall. I swooned over it, tried it on, loved it, thought it was too expensive (60$) and left. After Christmas it went on sale half price and I was still swooning, but had to pass. Then a few weeks ago: BAM! I find it in my size at the thrift store for 6$. Like a little gift from life! Just one of the many many reasons why I love thrift shopping SO much:)

When I thrift shop these days I'm really looking for colors and textures and this top enticed me so much the moment I laid eyes on it. I thought it would be such a great item to remix all year long. I'd say that makes a 3$ well spent. Same could apply to this belt, that I received as a gift almost ten years ago (and was thrifted at Goddwill!).
Hope you have a great Thursday sweet readers!

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Photos by my friend Sophie


  1. Thrift stores here in Belgium tend to be ridiculously expensive for some reason (the ones that actually have wearable stuff), i.e. you pay more for a second hand dress - not even from some fancy label or anything - than you would in a normal store. There is this one chain, though that has sales every 6 weeks, with prices going as low as 1EUR/item in the last two days. My boyfriend's a thrift store convert and last time they were clearing out the store I went with him and did buy three pieces with the intention of making something entirely different out of them, but I haven't gotten around to it yet.

    I don't know, I guess it's just not really my thing, but I'm always amazed at how other people are able to create such lovely outfits with thrifted clothes.

  2. Thrifting is always such an adventure. I just love how you can walk away with a gorgeous dress for like $2. Your thrifted outfit here is really perfect. I love your mix of colors and the little turquoise pin is the cutest. I agree, has cute stuff, but I will never buy anything there unless it is on sale or I have a discount. Loverly as always!! xx Marisa

  3. I think I'm going to have to start thrifting...I always feel so overwhelmed by the idea of it but so many style bloggers have done it and convinced me to give it a try.

  4. Red and turquoise, hells yes! I love that color combination. And as you can see from my blog, I love thrifting! I think it helps to live in a populous area where the thrift stores are always getting a LOT of donations to pick through. It's also amazing how much better some thrift stores are than others...you can really tell when the people sorting the clothes know what to look for. I love the variety of colors available in thrift stores too...where else can you find pencil skirts in every hue from lime green to ruby red?

  5. AMAZING thrifted finds,i'm planning to visit some thrift stores around where I live soon also! :) the top is absolutely beautiful the colour is so saturated and bright love it! :)

    thanks for commenting/visiting my blog!


  6. I'm not much of a thrifter since I don't have many good options where I live. However, once I move to a bigger city, I fully plan on taking advantage of good thrift stores!

    This skirt of yours was a total score, by the way. I love it!

  7. 1st of all thanks for stopping over at blog and leaving that sweat comment =]

    Love how you added that pop of color with the belt and broach, I would have never thought of it. I seriously need to start thrift shopping =]

  8. Wow, that skirt was just meant to be yours - how awesome. Love how you styled it with red and turquoise.

  9. Thank you for your kind comments. This red top is absolutely gorgeous. Red really looks great on you :)

  10. My only issue with thrifting is that it's addictive and it keeps me going back and buying more stuff! But yeah, I've been wearing a lot of all-thrifted (except for the shoes) outfits this year, and it's awesome knowing you spent about $10 on your entire look. ; D

    Awesome that you found that skirt! I found a Topshop star print dress like what I'd been wanting for ages. And then I haggled the price down. Hehe. My Grandma would have been so proud. ; )

  11. I definitely buy from thrifted shops!
    In fact I try to minimise shopping from other shops...
    In Greece people dont buy from thrifted shops because they have a wrong mentallity NOT to wear something that someone else was wearing, thus no thrifted shops exist!
    In the UK people have no problem and I found my paradise with so many charity-thrifted shops!
    xo xo

  12. Nice post,very interesting,even if thrifting is always an adventure!!!You look great in red!

  13. This outfit is perfection. I love red and aqua/teal together. I cannot believe you assembled this from mostly thrift store finds! You have a really good eye. I am looking forward to your tips for thrifting and will be following along!

  14. Such a cute outfit. Love the skirt!


  15. I love thrifting, but usually only find accessories... Looks like you have some great finds! xo


  16. I had an experience just like this the other day! There was a chambray skirt I wanted from ModCloth but didn't want to pay $50 for it. A few days later, I found a similar chambray skirt for $5 at a thrift store!


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