5 Movies To Watch During Your Holiday Vacation ★

1. Dr Seuss' How The Grinch Stole Christmas. My favorite Holiday movie ever and for always.
2. Dr. Zhivago, a romantic epic movie that transports us to the  glacial scenery of Russia.
3. Little Women. Reading the book would also be a delightful Holiday activity.
4. Edward Scissor Hands. SO whimsical and the best soundtrack for the Holiday season.
5. The Lord of The Rings. Take the journey!

I think watching these movies in my pyjamas with a cup of hot coco would be the perfect way to spend my time off during the Holidays!



  1. I can play the theme song for Dr. Zhivago on the piano. And I have Little Women on VHS, I'm surprised it hasn't worn out yet. I'm definitely pulling it out!

  2. You forgot elf! Ahh it's a classic.
    I haven't watched Little Woman in yearrrsss perhaps it's time to break it out again. thanks for the tips! hope you have a very merry christmas!

  3. I love Edward Scissorhands...the scenery is so beautiful. And so is Johnny Depp.

  4. ah great tips! I always love watching the sound of music too :D

  5. Great choices. The Grinch has to be everyone's all time favorite, I've always adored Winona Ryder, and I haven't seen TLOTR since they came out.

    Merry Christmas!

  6. It's time to watch them all 3 TLOTR again I would say!!

    Merry Christmas everyone :)

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