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Happy Monday everyone! Aren't we all so excited it's the last week before Christmas? I hope your Holiday season has been magical so far! As you know from yesterday's post I spent the week-end in the country where my family and I were hosting a party in honour of Ramiro, his amazing talent and his dedication to following his dreams! It was a night we will not soon forget, thank you so much to everyone that came to show us the love, we feel so blessed!

This is the outfit I had first planned on wearing to the party but Ramiro wasn't crazy about it so I ended up changing at night into something more festive. I definitely don't recommend always taking our man's advice on clothes or dressing to please them at all times, but since it was all about him that day I let him have it his way (I'll be sharing the other outfit later this week, then you can see which is cuter!).
I look at these pictures and it's crazy to me that there was no snow in the country while I woke up to another snow storm taking over my city this morning. White Christmas!

Have a great day my friends,



  1. Lovely photos!

    Wait you on my blog :)

  2. Such a pretty look! I love the green handbag. So stinkin' ca-ute!

    Only on rare occasions do I ask for my boyfriend's input about my wardrobe. If it were up to him I'd wear black all the time :P


  3. Even though I really love the bright yellow and the red shoes, you're right. Sometimes you have to 'dress for your man'. I'm sure you looked great in both outfits.

  4. Well, this one is definitely cute... so I'm looking forward to seeing the "Ramiro-approved" outfit too!

  5. YOu're always so sweet and smiley, it's really nice :)
    Great outfit I guess the weather is bit better these days, isn't it ?
    Hope you have the best pre-Christmas week ;)))

  6. You make me want to visit the country so bad now, I am emailing you right now for the little project you asked about ;)

  7. I love it! Esp. with those red shoes :)

  8. Love the red shoes and the ring! Gorgeous as always. You truly have effortless style.

  9. you look so pretty in yellow. i love that flawy skirt too with the darling sweater

    xoxo katlin

  10. love the yellow and the shoes! you always look so adorable and fun, girl!

  11. Well I like this outfit so far! And your little purse is so cute. It definitely suits you.

    I'm glad the party went well. Can't wait to see the other outfit!

  12. I'm so happy I stumbled upon your blog, I absolutely adore this look!! :)


  13. Always adoring the way you pay attention to the little details and combine some of the prettiest little accessories I have seen into your outfits. I love the outfit...so so adorable...but I know how that is, my hubby is the same way at times...hehe.

  14. Cute outfit !!


  15. oh my gosh I'm drooling over that bag and the outfit is great too feel free to link this up to my What We Wore and Made Party over at http://raegunwear.blogspot.com too


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