The last leg of our movie shoot was taking place in the country North of Montreal. For 8 days, we were staying at my father's farm with no internet but a snow mobile and mini put game to keep us entertained! We had a reduced team for this part of the shoot and so some days I had to play sound girl on top of being assistant director, clap girl and script girl (and craft department). It was busy but very organic in a way, we were shooting most days with only Alexander, our lead actor and finished the shoot with Mark Krupa, who played his father, at a fancy hotel in the suburbs. The shoot was the absolute best time of my life but it was so hectic! It totally confirmed that I am a workaholic and that I thrive when pushed to the limit. I'm glad I get a few days off in our new place now and I already look forward to the next time my cast and crew will be reunited, hopefully for my birthday in April and then at our world premiere (in Venise, Toronto or..?). I love them so much, they have a special place in my heart forever 

Thank you so much everyone for following our movie making adventure, I'll be posting soon a special You're the Boss Apple Sauce on the steps to take to accomplishing your dreams when you lead a creative career, can't wait to share what I have learned in the past years!

Have a creative and inspiring week-end everyone!