Being on set is kind of like being at camp or being on vacation: you get out of your routine and your comfort zone, you lack sleep but are energize on happiness, you never know what tomorrow will bring, you meet the most extraordinary people and make memories that will last forever! This shoot has been such a great human and creative experience, it's one of the greatest trip of my life for sure. We have all grown so dear to each other and we are truly one  little movie family. I my cast and crew an will do so forever,  they make my heart smile so big!


ps: you can follow the whole movie making adventure here!


  1. aww that's so sweet about the movie family, sounds like such a fun time & the sets look so cool!

  2. It seems so fun to shoot a movie or be in a movie! continue to have mucho fun : )

  3. I love these post's, were will you be presenting the movie?

  4. I remember that feeling of camaraderie from acting in plays. There's nothing quite like the closeness you get from making something happen all together, surrounded by stress and lack of sleep!

  5. We are oping the movie will open either at Venise of TIFF (Toronto) and then do many filma festivals before being released in theaters in Canada and the United States (and who knows, maybe the world!!).

  6. Hi, to Virginie's readers: I had the chance to go on the movie set and this team is so powerful ! The movie is gonna be a blast. Actors are stunning.

    She's the best, and her husband as well!!!

    Love you Virg,

    Soph xx

  7. You guys are the cutest. That is all.

  8. Fantastic shots! I love these behind the scenes posts. Is the film going to be in French or English?


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