Last Night's Movie: Day For Night ★

It's no secret I LOVE meta-reference movies, movies that are about movies or take place on a movie set. Like SO so much!! 8 1/2, Inglorious Basterds, Boogie Nights, Barton Fink, Contempt, you name it, I love it! Such is my passion for the 7th art.

Day For Night (La nuit américaine) is a François Truffaut classic we are often shown in college cinema classes an that I like to watch again and again. The story takes place on location and has all the great elements that really occur on set: behind the scenes romances, director drama, producers demands, eccentric actors... The works! It's a light an funny film that, although not as obscur or artsy as some of Truffaut's work, makes a great introduction to French Cinema for new cinephiles.

Truffaut plays the role of the somewhat disillusioned director in this movie that won the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film in 1974.

To have a laugh, check out the dubbed trailer here.