Last Night's Movie: The Bridget Jones Diary ★

Only like, my favorite chick flick ever!



  1. My inner Austen geek always finds it funny that Bridget Jones (loose, modern retelling of P&P) has Hugh Grant (who played a male lead in the film of S&S) and the BBC's Mr. Darcy both in this film.

  2. This is one of my all time favorites! I feel like watching this one all the time!

  3. This film is one of the funniest ever. The part where she shows up to the party with that ridiculous costume gets me cracking every time. I actually remember reading an interview with her when the movie came out, and she said she had to eat a couple of chocolate bars every day to reach the correct weight for that character. I wish my job would encourage me to have a Twix twice a day!

    1. Ha ha, I know! In the making of they talk extensively about how hard they worked at creating cellulite on her legs and bum ;)

      I love a good girly movie with a protagonist that isn't perfect!

      Virginie xo


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