Last Night's Movie: Heartbeats ★

Ever since I first saw this movie (at it's premiere at the Cannes Film Festival in 2010), I have been fascinated by it. Heartbeats (original title: Les amours imaginaires) definitely touches the teenager in me and I love the way it treats the theme of infatuation. Plus my friend Stephanie did an amazing amazing job on the photography and the set designs and costumes are SO cool and enticing. I discover something new about it every time I watch it and it totally perked up my rainy afternoon.

I love director Xavier Dolan and if his latest movie Laurence Anyways opens in your city, you MUST go see it!



  1. Ramiro and I watched it again tonight. LOVE LOVE LOVE!

  2. Looks like a BEAUTIFUL film, Virgine! I want to see it!! Love the James Dean capture...he's so handsome. I used to cover my walls with his photos.

  3. Such a wonderful film! I cannot wait for his new one to arrive here.

    1. I really enjoyed Laurence Anyways, although it is pretty long and has a few script problems after the first act in my humble opinion. Definitely worth seeing though (I can't wait to watch it again!).

      Virginie xo


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