Last Night's Movie: La Dolce Vita ★

In the past few years, Federico Fellini has become one of my absolute favorite directors to study. I love his universe, his fantasmagorique take on cinema, his stories full of women, his baroque outlook on life. I love that he gives me so many opportunities to see Anouk Aimée and Marcello Mastronianni shine so bright. And that everything about his movie is always so visually enticing. Plus, I'm always SO inspired by the beyond fabulous costumes.

Federico Fellini is one of the most influential and celebrated screenwriter and director of the 20th century and I always feel humble and privilege when I watch his films. Did you know he won 5 Academy Awards and was nominated for 12 in total? The man is pure genius.

And so is La Dolce Vita...



  1. Gosh I love this film. The fashion kills me, I love it! My favourite Fellini for sure.

    Charmaine x

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