As of last night, the movie is officially lock picture! YEE HAW!!! That means the editing phase is now over, a huge part of the story telling process. We are getting closer and closer to seeing our dreams come true and I could not be more excited! This is a major milestone we are reaching in the making of CLYDECYNIC, makes me want to cry a little. I have no words to tell you I much I love the movie and how proud I am of my team for pulling it off. Making an independent feature film? Check!

The pictures above are from the shoot of our very first short film, Radical, Rifle, Icon, back in 2007. It's crazy to think all that's happened since then to get us here, all the challenges and blessings that our filmmaking road has been paved with. Feels like right now, we are closing a loop in our filmmaking process to start a new one and I look to the future with bright eyes and a huge smile I tell you!

We are celebrating by having a BBQ at my father's farm with our actors today. As an unexpected turn of events, Ramiro and I have the next few weeks off (omg, yay!!), so lots of Summer adventures are coming our way. 

I hope things are good with you too, have the best week-end!


ps: I had a dream I was close friends with Quentin Tarantino last night...


  1. Congratulations!

    PS Maybe your dream will prove prophetic?

    1. That would be amazing!

      Thank you for your support Kristian :)

      Virginie xo


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