Life Lately // Work It ★

Watching Comic-Con panels and getting very inspired
Getting a pep talk in the mail from our friend Andrew (merciiii!)
Wearing short shorts to work and feeling kind of inappropriate about it (that is a pin of my friend Yan's first grade photo that I totally stole from him by the way)
Working on the colour grading and image sharpening of CLYDECYNIC
Finally uploading VLC on my computer and testing it out while watching Sin City
Receiving this picture from our sound mixer, working hard on our sound post production I see
And putting together an inspiration scrapbook for our next feature film project!

A few of the things that made this über busy, very administrative week inspiring nonetheless.

This week I've also been planning my next move career wise... keep your fingers crossed that it works out for me!

Have the best week-end my friends,



  1. I love watching as you make your first film! It's so exciting and I've always wondered what goes into making a movie. Good luck with everything!

  2. Me too! It is definitely very interesting learning about the process!

    1. Thanks Charmaine! I love sharing it with you :)

      Virginie xo

  3. oh awesome! such interesting pictures - the process is so intriguing.

    <3 katherine
    current giveaway on of corgis & cocktails

  4. Fingers are crossed for you! You're so busy and doing so many big, great things!

    1. Thank you Kristian, I do hope this comes true and then I can share the adventure with you!!

      Virginie xo


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