On Our Day Off ★

We spent this week-end with our adoptive son and lead actor of CLYDECYNIC, Alex Weiner. We had planned to go to Ramiro's secret spot but since it was rainy and cold we migrated to Baie Saint-Paul, where we goofed around like we were little kids. We also had a Paul Thomas Anderson marathon (what could be better really?).

If you recognize the spot it's because that's also where we spent our wedding anniversary last year and Christmas this year. Definitely a current favorite.

I hope your week-end was lovely too and that your week is off to a good start my friends!



  1. That is an amazing looking place.

    Also- your gif is hilarious and cute.

  2. Your pictures are amazing! I am in love with that slated boat. By the way your gif made my day:)


  3. This is your favourite spot isn't it? Also the gif made me laugh. You look like you have been having so much fun lately!



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