On Our Day Off ★

On Sunday, while we were in Montréal, Ramiro and I spent the afternoon at the Botanical Garden. We both hadn't been since we were kids and it was SO much fun! My favorite part was the Chinese Garden, which is celebrating it's 20th birthday this year, and the Japanese Garden. We sipped tea, climbed on trees and enjoyed each other's company. A perfect autumn Sunday if I do say so myself.

In the first two years of our marriage, Ramiro and I were total workaholics. We would never take a day off, hardly ever go on dates and travel a lot for work separately. Last year, we decided to make our relationship the most important thing in our lives and change our lifestyles a bit. We are still both major workaholics, but once a week we do an activity together, a lot of which are documented here. I have to say: this might have been the best decision we ever made for our relationship long term. We now have more balance in our life and honestly, are more in love than ever. Simple things some time can bring SO much happiness...



  1. These photos are beautiful and you're right. The simplest things are often the best. The quiet moments, the people you love and the beauty of nature.


  2. A good balance (plus this place looks like fun!)

  3. LOVE that you have weekly dates, SO important! What a fun place!!!

  4. I love all your day off pictures, Virginie, it always looks like such a happy mix between tranquility and fun. And it's definitely important to disconnect. Happy belated Thanksgiving as well!


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