On The Movie Front ★

Documenting the post production of our feature film has been a challenge, only because most of it happens in front of a computer and that does not make the best photo op!

But today I realized that this time last year, our appartement was a battle field, as we were preparing for it to be a huge part of our set. We were living (eating, sleeping, working, lounging) in one tiny room that I had tried to make comfy with lots of fairy lights. We hadn't had a week-end off in like... 2 years. We weren't nervous but WAY excited, soon we would be on set, creating the story we had taken said 2 years to write and prepare. It was one of the most magical yet chaotic time of our lives.

On year later, we are traveling to Montréal to go spend a few days in studio to put the finishing touches to the sound design and sound mastering (I'll try to document and share!). Most of our work conversations these days are about posters, trailers and festivals. And about how I am itching to be back on set while Ramiro can't wait to start writing the next screenplay (we have the story already!). 

For me it's a nostalgic time as well. Because shooting the movie was the absolute best part of 2012 for me. A year that has proven challenging with my disease and that has tested my will to continue being a producer at times. But it will always be the year I made my first feature film, hence realizing my biggest career goal, with people that I will forever consider as a close part of my family... And you know I will always think of CLYDECYNIC as my first baby.

I'm both glad and sad that the end of the producing process is in sight, but SO excited that soon people will actually get to see the movie! Plus I kind of like having some week-ends off and think soon it will be time for an actual flesh and blood baby...

Stay tuned!



  1. how exciting! you must have a lot of fun on your work...

    flesh and blood baby wooohoo! you'll look so pretty with a baby bump

  2. what an exciting time for you! best of luck with everything

  3. I have loved following you through the making of your movie and I am so unbelievably excited for you to finish it.

  4. Wow, this sounds like an incredible production!! So much work and time! Good for you :) Must be exciting!


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