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November to me this year will be all about nesting, preparing for the Holidays and making sure I can start the next year on the best possible foot! I am a bit obsessed lately with decorating our loft and I'm kind of in love with this bird cage lamp. SO sweet right? I also haven't shopped any non-vintage clothes in a while and am crushing over a few items that would fit long term into my wardrobe. I am beyond crazy for this lace coat, so pretty and yet very practical, seems like it would go with everything! I also adore this dress and could use a new basic pointy heel, this pair of wedge is my favorite pick for sure. 

But my most essential purchase might be a darker shade of lipstick. Nothing says Fall quite like a deep wine lip...

What is on your November wish list?



  1. Hello dear,
    Maybe you would like to follow each others blogs with blogger and bloglovin?


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    1. Sure! I love your blog, it's beautiful :)

      Am your latest follower on Bloglovin and FB,

      Virginie xo

  2. I cannot wait for Christmas! I love being able to decorate for the holidays and being able to wear all my winter clothes. I am currently lusting over a pair of studded booties that Asos has. Hopefully I can get those, if not, they will be the perfect birthday gift to myself :)

  3. These are cute.

    Also- I like the new layout.

  4. The dress and the birdcage...be still my heart!

  5. That lamp is amazing! What a fun idea.

  6. That middle dress has been on my wishlist FOREVER. It's just a little much for me to splurge on right before the holidays. :( Hoping the sale price keeps dropping!


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