For now, Billie is an inside dog. She is too small to support the cold Québec climate and so I have to resort to keeping her entertained inside. She has a lot of energy at night and doesn't quite sleep all the way through the night yet so I have been looking for ways for her to exercise more while learning good habits. That's why I started taking walks with her in the building where our loft is. It turns out that, much like her mommy, she likes taking walks a lot. We've been exploring all the corners of the building where we live, which used to be a convent. There are still a lot of old charm details and Billie likes running around the long always. It is one week today that we adopted her and I can't imagine life without her. She is such a sweet little heart. We weighed her today and she already gained half a pound and her legs have gotten so much longer. Still a full pound to go before she reached he full weight. Go Billie!

I know this post won't go down in history as my best photographic effort (interior lighting... how I despise you!) but Billie's cuteness kind of salvages it... in my eyes anyways ;)

Have a great week-end my friends!