Ramiro can be really flamboyant and creative. And we've had our share of really cool Valentine's Day adventures in the past. My favorit might have been the time he organized a romantic winter pic nic. We put our snow shoes on and made our way to a cascading river side where we built a fire, grilled sausages, dreamed about our future and made a memory that will last forever.

This year, we went in another direction will our Valentine's Day plans. Hallmark's favorite Holiday took place in what we are now calling the busiest week EVER. Between reaching a milestone at the video game studio and making the subtitles for our film on the tightest deadline, there wasn't time for anything else. So the big V day celebration resumed itself to a trip to Mc Donald's and a pit stop at Value Village. Maybe not the stuff great romance novels are made, but it was the first time Ramiro aver came thrift shopping with me so kind of memorable in it's own way. And I'm so crazy about him that honestly, I don't need anything more to make it the perfect date. Sometimes, the small ordinary things made great memories too. Virginie xo