On My Day Off

Days off are pretty rare around here ever since I started working at the video game studio (she says as she heads to work on a Sunday...). I'm not complaining though as I am kind of in love with were my producing career is right now and all that the future holds: all good things! I do however miss sleeping in and spending lots of time with my little Billie. That's why on my day off you can find me in bed with my lap top, updating the shop and cuddling little miss B. We are also practicing walking with a leash and she is getting quite good, although if we had our wish the weather would be getting warmer very soon, we are still kind of freezing our tushes off around here... Have a good one everybody! Virginie xo

Reversible Vintage Cape: Pretty Colourful Vintage / Brooklyn Camera Bag: Epiphanie / Boots: thrifted / Oversized Retro Sunglasses: Asos / Sweater Dress: thrifted