Last week was ruff. Like: ouch. We are in the final months before our big delivery at the video game studio and a lot is happening with our feature film too, which means few days off and lots of stress! Although as a producer stress is a big part of the job and I have developped healty strategies on how to best deal with it, my anxiety troubles have been challenging me big. Luckily Billie and Ramiro are the best support team in the world and always make me smile and see things positively. And there is also something that always works to get my mind off things and get me smiling: Disney films! Between the uplifting stories, inspiring music and enchanting visuals, Disney is my go-to to decompress. So when Ramiro suggested we watch Mulan on Friday night, I was like oui oui oui! I had never seen Mulan before and oh gosh, I am the blossom flower blooming in adversity! I used to think that if I was a Disney character I woul be Jasmine from Aladdin, but now I know: I am Mulan! A late bloomer that doesn't really fit in, but thrives in the end. The directing of the film is amazing and very inspiring to us as filmmakers. Disney, you never let me down and I love you for it! Happy Sunday everyone (at work for me)! Virginie xo