While in Busan for the film festival, we were invited to a "fans greeting event" with fellow Canadian filmmakers Emmanuel Shirinian, Richie Metha and David Miller. All of us found the Busan audience to be so sophisticated, enthousiastic and smart at our screenings, we were glad to have another opportunity to connect with them. It was also our honour to be amongst such talented canadians. The event was supposed to take place on beautiful Haeundae beach, where the BIFF village was also located, but a typhoon hit the city the day before (so impressive and scay!). We were told it was the first typhoon to occur during the month of October in over 15 years. Talk about a coïncidence!
I can't believe I only have one post left to share with you from our Busan trip! It was the most unbelievable experience and we are so thankful. Now I'm already planning the next trip to an amazing film festival in November... I'll share more very soon! Virginie XO

Previsouly, in Busan...

ps: I'm wearing a Shop Sosie dress and Asos heels.

UPDATE: a few new pictures of the event that were sent to me from the festival this morning!