A short last post from our Busan adventure because Opening Night is one of my very favorite memories from the trip. I'm feeling so notalgic about the whole thing, I can't believe the amazing moments we had at teh festival! I still have to edit together the video (soon I promise), raw octopuss eating and all. The opening night was unlike anything I have ever seen; the red carpet was the most insane ever and the crowd was so large! I captured some video images that best will translate the essence of the night. Can't wait to share! I want to take a moment once again to thank the festival for hosting our wolrd pemiere and inviting us to the festival, it was beyond anything we had imagined and we are so grateful. Merci mille fois! Virginie XO

Previously, in Busan...

ps: I wore a BCBG dress and Zara (flat) sandals

Also a few of the official festival press photos :)