When planning our trip to Busan for the world premiere of our feature film CLYDECYNIC, we decided upon a few touristic activities we wanted to do while in South Korea. Busan is a sea side city and most food comes from the sea. A lot of restaurants have tanks right in their front window and freshness plays a huge role as a lot of it is eaten raw. So on our first day off, we took a taxi to Jagalchi Market, the biggest fish market in the world! It's located by the Busan port, in the nampo-dong district, where we also did a bit of shopping in the afternoon. Jagalchi offers a huge selection of sea products; on the first floor, you pick what you want to eat and then head to the second floor where they prepare the food either in sashimi or BBQ and bring it to you in a restaurant like environment. The boys had THE Busan cliché, live squid (OMG!) and BBQ fish and shrimps while I used my vegetarian card to munch on marinated veggies and drink soju. While in the area, we also drank the best bubble tea at Bubble Tok and watched a Psi impersonator. So. Much. Fun!
I have a lot more to share from our trip and the premiere, stay tuned! In the mean time you can follow our adventure on my brand new Instagram account. Virginie xo