LIFE LATELY 18.04.2014

The return of true magic hour and warmer weather (although, there is still lots of snow)
Started new seeds for the garden project. I'm adding beets, broccoli and corn (my soulmate food!) and also started more cilantro for Ram
Donuts for breakfast on my birthday. And pretty much all day that day.
We have been visiting houses outside the city and found the one! I'll be sharing more soon :)
Billie has been wanting to spend all her time outside, so we've been putting our covered terrasse to good use
The brighter days of Spring that finally shine upon my city after a very long winter

Just a few of the little things making my every day magical. Isn't Spring just the best? I haven't been taking enough photos for the past few months but intend to change that now that we can actually go outside. Happy long week-end everybody! Virginie XO