LIFE LATELY / 23.04.2014

Let's hear it for my favorite season of the year officially beginning! I'm loving the warm sun and the blooming flowers oh so much. I'm all about picnics and sandals too.
The first few weeks in our house have been quite an adventure! Due to unforeseen circumstances, we were without water for the first 18 days and it was a bit like camping... But now thanks to this guy it's all fixed.
We got to watch baby blackbirds hatch and grow up right next to our home. I took a photo each day until they left the nest and it was fascinating to watch them grow so fast.
The #GARDENPROJECT has had it's ups and downs this past few weeks but is still going strong for the most part, I'll be sharing a full update soon. All the plants now live outside, which was a big step for them.
Speaking of which: it's strawberry season here in Quebec! YEE HAW ! They are my favorite and I particularly adore those grown on Île d'Orléans. I also had the pleasure of discovering a few wild strawberry bushes in our new backyard, I can't wait to watch them grow (and eat them).
And lake side has been my favorite place to hang out (I have the mosquito bites to prove it!). Moving to the country might have been the best idea ever and spending time outside has me feeling happier than ever and so inspired. Life is good! Virginie XO