Earlier this week I had the pleasure of visiting the region of Clare in Nova Scotia for work, a visual feast that is above any description. It was magical! And inspiring! And spiritual! Here are a few photos of sights that particularly charmed me:
A glimpse of the view that you get driving down the Evangeline road, here in Church Point.
Mavillette Beach blew our mind (I'm referring to Billie and I when I say "we")! I have never seen a more beautiful beach in Canada. White sands and a great clean coast to swim ( although it was a bit cold this time of year, I only dipped the feet).  
Behind the Mavillette Lighthouse is a coast made of cliffs that although can be dangerous (I wouldn't go with small kids) are also absolutely breath taking. The wind is so powerful up there and the water opens on the bay like a sea of diamonds. Makes for a fantastic meditation spot.
The ferry was also one of my favorite adventure. Taking the ferry for my trip back home meant saving a total of 4 hours to my trip and adding a 3 hours boat ride along the way (meaning I only had to drive for about 10 hours!). The ferry only offers two departures daily and goes from Digby NS to Saint-John NB. I decided to leave at dawn to see the sun rise on the Bay and I'm glad i did. I can't recommend it enough! One of the most beautiful things I have witnessed as of late. I took Billie on the ferry (kept her in my arms the whole way) BUT you should know tif you wish to take the ferry  with a furry companion they expect you to leave your pet in the car, which you are not aloud to stay in. I decided I didn't care so much, but that was kind of rude of me.
The other road option is called the Sunrise Trail. I drove from Quebec city to Moncton where I stayed at the Crown Plaza on the first day. Then the next day I set on to enter Nova Scotia through the Sunrise Trail where the wind power park offer quite a spectacle (they never fail to move me in some magical way). I then took the Annapolis Valley all the way to Evangeline Trail to reach Church Point.  The two day drive was about 17 hours total.
This is rapure and it is the local dish. Of course sea food is a big part of the food culture of Clare so this one was clams but rapure also comes in chicken or beef. Being that I am a vegetarian, I was happy to taste but it was definitely out of my comfort zone. I may have preferred the potato donut and local relish to the actual dish ;)
While I was there, I also enjoyed thrifting at some of the numerous Frenchy's and eating at La Bouguine, a cute sea side shack. If you speak french, you should also know it's a francophone (acadienne) area with a rich culture and a strong sense of History. I hope I get to go again very soon! Virginie XO

ps: can you believe I didn't use a filter or photoshop any of these photos? The light in the Bay was nothing short of spectacular!