This is the point in our relationship when I finally admit I am a huge horror film fan and october is one of my favorite film watching season of the year! Over the years I have shared a lot of the films that inspire me here (and even came clean about my obsession with the Scream franchise!) and wanted to share my fave for this spooky season (click on bold titles for full posts):
House of a Thousand Corpses is my all time favorite scary film. It's so scary, takes place on Halloween night and Sheri Moon Zombie has to be the sexiest killer ever. It's also my favorite Rob Zombie film (including Lords of Salem, which disappointed me) and I love that it's a group of killers, very inspiring for the script I am currently writing.
I have to admit in the horror genre I have a penchant for home invasion stories and my favorite is The Strangers. Holy spook! Not to be watched if you are home alone at night. I love Liv Taylor's mystical take on the beautiful victim and how music is used as an instrument of fear. In the home invasion / victims fighting back sub-genre, you may also want to check out Vacancy with Kate Beckinsale.
Hitchcock is a must this time of year (he's the master of suspense!) and I went all out this year with a mini-marathon. I have to say, Psycho is still my favorite! It's creepy, offbeat and classic at the same time. This is more than a scary film, it's a cinema lesson. Do yourself a favour, don't waste your time on the remakes. Instead, check out American Psycho. Deadly and funny. Patrick Bateman, what a dork!
Sleepy Hollow embodies all the things Halloween is about: ghosts, mysteries, witch kraft and lots and lots of fog. Here in Quebec, october looks like we are in Sleepy Hollow, literally (as seen on my instagram this week!). But if you live in a part of the world where weather is more summer like year round, this is the film to put you in the right Halloween mood! Although the script isn't perfect, this is one of the films I enjoy watching everyone single october (it's become kind of a family tradition for us). 
You don't really like gore, ghosts and murders? The Nightmare Before Christmas is the Halloween film for you! It's also one of the few great Halloween films to watch with children. My favorite part of the films are the songs (they are even good in French!) but it's also a very impressive animation film. It's also the perfect transition film, as it is a lot about Christmas too (I'm waiting until November 1st to watch this one!). 

Oh Oh and, also, you should check out All The Boys Love Mandy Lane. I loved it so much! And: is anybody more enchanting than Amber Heard? Hallo-swoon!

Have a scary Halloween everyone, enjoy the films and the candy! Virginie XO