My husband Ramiro has been working in Toronto for the past 4 weeks and last week-end I gave in and decided to pay him a visit; we're kind of terrible at being apart. I packed the little dog and hoped for the best as I took her on her first flight for a 36 hours excursion to Canada's biggest city. While in Toronto, Ramiro is staying in the Distillerie district and although the weather was grey and rainy, it's an absolutely charming neighbourhood. I loved El Catrin Destileria, the fresh fruits and mescal cocktails were amazing. We also ordered twice from Spring Rolls  because 1- delivery is non-existent in the village we live in so it's a major threat and 2- there is no decent asian fast food in Quebec city. Their veggie chow meinn is pretty much my idea of perfect food.  36 hours wan't enough thought and I swear I'm counting down the hours until I pick him up late Friday night... Have a good week guys! Virginie XO