Last Friday the Ubisoft studio where I have been working launched it's very first made in Quebec game, Assassin's Creed Syndicate! Set in victorian London, the game introduces the Frye twins Jacob and Evie, making it the first of the franchise with a lead female character. I had the pleasure of being the team's Production Coordinator and it was nothing short of amazing to see what this studio is capable of. After months (and months) of passionate work, the local development team took time to celebrate it's accomplishment with a VIP soirée. Let me tell you : this studio knows how to throw a party! We got to fly over London on a zipline (which I could not resist trying despite the fact I was in a mini skirt), take part in a scotch tasting, play a giant game of chess, feast on fish and chips, sip on spiked teas and dance up a storm. I totally missed the red carpet because I attended the screenwriters pre-party cocktail (DOH!) but made up for it in the victorian buggy photo booth. There are no words to say how proud I am of the team. It was a pleasure working such a talented group as well as with Ubisoft studios from around the word. WE DID IT GUYS! Take a moment to look back on the great memories we made along the way. The launch of the game also means that my contract with them is soon coming to an end and I am looking forward to being 100% focused on film production once again.

If you are a AC fan I hope you have a great time playing our game! For more info about the game, visit the official site. Can't ait to see where Ubisoft will take us next with this franchise but for now, let's liberate London with the Rooks! Virginie XO

photos by Les Festifs