The things I read and watch are a huge part of my inspiration and when I work too much on other people's projects or big corporate productions and feel like I'm loosing myself a bit, what I read and watch always brings me back to my core. I don't think I've ever told you this before, but I am a binge watcher. I can watch 6 films in the same day and I can screen the same film dozens of time.  I wanted to create a column on the blog about the things I read and watch as I feel like looking back, I'll be able to remember pats of my life by looking at hat inspired me. 

These days my husband and I are writing our second feature film, a suspense romance, and I've been obsessed with all things related to serial killers (what was my excuse before?!). I'm also not at the best place in my personal life (I've been debating on wether the blog is the right forum to chat about this or not...) and violent content is my therapy of choice. There is something very cathartic about it. Besides yoga, scary films are the best anxiety reliever I have found. Is that strange? Actually... don't answer that.

I just finished reading Helter Skelter, a book I had first sunk my teeth in when I was 16 years old and baby sitting full time as a summer job. I had found my mother's original edition of Helter Skleter in our basement library and when she told me how scary it was, I had to read it. I recently decided to read it again as it pertains to the type of narrative we are currently writing. The book tells the story of the Charles Manson murders in California of the 1960's. Written by prosecutor Vincent Bugliosi, it takes us through the investigation and the trial of 9 murders committed by the Manson followers in brutal violence. Not only is it a suspenseful read, but it's also a great study of character and psychology. It's also very enigmatic, as Manson is said to have murdered about 20 other people, who have yet to be found to this day.

As I have told you before, I used to be a big television show snob. I agreed to purchase Hannibal Season 1 only bring my husband's attention away from Dexter (which I'm so not into, my snobbism lives on). I have to admit, I wasn't sold at first. The first few episodes seemed over played, over written and over directed. But soon enough, once exposition was set in place, the suspense kicked in and I became addicted! By Season 2  I couln'd get enough  and I became mad, then obsessed, with the character of Hannibal. And now I absolutely cannot wait to watch Hannibal Season 3!! Be advised though: there is a great deal of gore and graphic violence.

I told you in my last post I much I adored A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night. No film has inspired me this much in a long long time. So yeah, I've screened it a few times by now and I still think you must check it out.

My husband is a big fan of all things Christopher Nolan and I admit I don't always share his enthusiasm as I am allergic to big amounts of exposition in dialogues. Insomnia being one of his earliest film, it has a much simpler scope narratively and it pleased me greatly. The simple story is a great study of the classic script writing structure and the cast is pretty interesting, with Robin Williams playing the bad guy for once.

Although I live in a remote mountain village with basically no neighbours and have a husband that travels a lot for work, I love home invasion stories! They are THE scariest. Indiewire kept telling me how great You're Next is, so I let myself be convinced into purchasing it. I have to admit, I should have rented it instead. Although the premise has everything to please me (a group of men prey on a family gathering in the country side), the acting is... terrible. As home invasion are all about reality, this one didn't hit the spot for me. The Strangers is a much better home invasion option. I also loved The Purge a lot. Such a cool premise and I can smell 

In the trade magazines, I particularly enjoyed this portrait of the Hollywood middle class and I have also been binge reading all the reviews of Assassin's Creed Syndicate as our game only came out a few weeks ago. I love this article, which highlights both the great work of my husband as Cinematic Director and the fantastic work of the cast. I was also so pleased to see a clip from our game on South Park (OMG!!), you can see the episode here and the ACS cameo at about 21 minutes. Don't blink or you'll mis it! It's like 5 seconds but I'm totally geeking out over it. 

I'm going on vacation next week and I'm thinking Stephen King novels and... taking a break from watching anything! It probably won't stick do, I can't be away from films very long.