I haven't blogged in a long long time because things have been a bit... chaotic. Ok, fine: very chaotic. It's so much easier to blog only the good moments and happy memories. However real life has ups and downs, and the past 3 months have been amongst the most challenging of my life.

See... my husband and I are currently separated. It took me 90 days to be able to simply write this down here. Being married has been an amazing journey in my life so far but challenges have inspired us to take time apart and re-assess. It's been a few months full of heartbreak, sleepless nights and way too much chocolate, but I am finally seeing the light, very very slowly. For the first time this week, I am feeling a little like myself again. And not the "myself" family and friends want me to be, but the one I am truly, deeply in my soul.

Summer is my favorite season and was there to cheer me up every morning, let me swim in countless pools, lakes and rivers and shun it's warm sunlight right into my heart. I think one day, once the heartbreak has subdued, I will be able to look at this Summer as a crossroad in my life, a turning point before many wonderful things could cross my path. Hard adventures that made me stronger. And for that they are more than worth being remembered forever. Virginie XO