A Day In The Life

Althought what I like most is producing movies, I have to admit my day job is great. It is in the field of independant cinema, a subject I am much passionate about. I get to help people make movies, and learn so many things about producing along the way. I am truly blessed to be Spirafilm's Art Director.

Holding this title entails doing many tasks, such as producing collective projects and developing new ways of helping independant filmmakers in making and distributing their movies. One of the odd things that I do is present the Prends ├ža court! short film projection nights. Above a picture of Maxence Bradley and myself, introducing a crowd of a 150 movie lovers with a selection of Sudance Film Festival best short films. It is a dream of mine to one day have one of the movies I produced be selected at Sundance.

Some of my favorite movies were My Mom Smokes Weed From Clay Liford and Pablo Larcuen's My Invisible Friend.

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