Spirafilm Projection Party Night

The Spirafilm Projection Party Night took place last Friday in Québec City and it was a complete success! More than a 150 movie lovers came to watch 8 independant short films made by Québec's most proeminent young filmmakers.

The General Manager of Spirafilm and I, it's Art Director, had put a lot of effort in preparing this Projection Party Night because we wanted to find a way to celebrate the Spirafilm coop member's talent. The night was ment to give them an additionnal screening plateform and to unveil many of the projects that are under way at Spirafilm. Among those are my Super-8MM project, a series of workshop on the Stereoscopy (3D) work flow and our new logo (our 14 years old logo was in desperate need of a make over!).

It was also the perfect occasion to announce to the film community of Québec that the city will finally have its own Cine-club, a monthly based projection night that is ment to develop the general public's knowledge of auteur films in an educational setting. It is one of the projects I am most found of and was way excited when I secured the financing in January to go through with the project. The Spirafilm Cine-club will be debuting its activities in September 2010.

The night was also the perfect excuse to bring independant filmmakers, producers and technicians together in a setting that inspires them to mingle. We always say at Spirafilm that movie making is a team sport, therefore we try to put all the industry people in contact so that they can be aware of each other's projects and help one another. In the past year that I have been Spirafilm's Art Director this has proven to be a great initiative since our number of members has more than doubled and the amount of cinematographic projects in production is greater than ever.

It was also the perfect night to party, with dj Slipmat making us dance until the wee hours of the night. As it was kind of my birthday party, all of my friends came (even those who live in Montreal) and I had a faboulus time! We also celebrated Raymond May Have Rabies, our short film that was one of the movies being screened that night, and the fact that it will be shown at the Cannes Film Festival.

One again I was up onstage to present the night's movies and the coop's projects. It was the perfect occasion to wear this beautiful Modcloth dress (that is dying to go to Cannes!) with unbelievable turquoise shoes.

It was the perfect celebration of our endless love for cinema and the art of filmmaking.

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