Cannes Film Festival Round Up

Pretty much like everybody that works in the movie industry, when I was a little girl one of my dreams was to go to the Cannes Film Festival, the biggest film festival in the world.

I got to spend a vacation in Cannes in 2000 in June, merely a month after the festival. When I passed in front of the Palais des festivals for the first time and glared at the mythical red carpet steps, I totally envisionned myself there. Altough back then I was a litterature student and didn't understand this premonition. 

When I seriously started working in cinema, this dream came back to haunt me and to my surprise it materialized this May. When I learned of short film Raymond May Have Rabies was going to be presented there, I was overwhelmed with happiness!

I got to meet SO many great and talented people, see premieres and attend private parties on the beach, it was an onforgettable trip that I could not even start to describe!

Seriously glamourous.

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