OFF On The Roof: Maxime Robin Edition

Yesterday we filmed our second OFF On The Roof video for OFF Festival. I am really happy we had such a great response to the first one!

I have to admit I was a little nervous. First I really wanted to make sure the result was good and the sound recorded well (there was a huge fan on the roof). Second of all, the roof we were shooting on wasn't the most glamourous and I wasn't sure how it would photograph. Finally we were shooting at night and I was worried about the resolution of the image.

I am glad to say I was way wrong to worry, because the final result is AWESOME! Can't wait to show you (soon!). We were shooting my dear friend Maxime Robin, a instrumental hip hop artist that also does his own VJing. We had asked him to prepare something special and bring his projetor, and man was that a great idea!

Thanx to David for letting us use his appartment building roof and doing a cameo in the video with his lovely girlfriend Maryon.

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