A Special Mention Is A Prize Too!

Over the week-end, vampires and warewolves invaded Québec city to attend the 11th edition of Vitesse Lumière, a genre movie festival. I was excited to participate in the festival, as Ramiro and I's first movie ever, Radical, Rifle, Icon (produced in 2007 back when we were still Genre d'Abattoir) was seleted to be part of the official competition.
On Thursday night my friends and I went to the launch cocktail, which started with an animation movie cabaret and went on with a Trash cabaret, a selection of short films chosen by SPASM, a Montreal genre movie festival. It was a great night, very entertaining and juicy! I think my favorite was La récréation du midi (Joël Vaudreuil).
The festival ended yesterday with the award ceremony, during which our movie was awarded a Special Mention from the jury for being Audacious in our movie. I am so proud of Ramiro! This is our first award so far, but I am sure Ramiro's talent will have many other opportunities to get recongnized as througout his carreer.

Radical, Rifle, Icon was our own private cinema school: we learned everyhting in that process! Before that I was a master's degree student pursuing litterature and he was a visual artist. We really did become moviemakers with Radical, our non existent team and 4 great actors to which we will forever be thankful. It was the beginning of everything, and it has been the best adventure since!
You can watch the movie in full here: http://vimeo.com/3302283

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