Très Chic

I came back from a 24 hour Montreal glamour trip late last night. I was invited to be part in Télé-Québec's fall/winter prog launch and was thrilled to go. We traveled by train (first class, oh my, chocolate and Grand Marnier, yes please) and stayed at a very chic hotel (with a great view, pictured above). It was my first business trip during which I had my own room and it was NICE! Actually most of the time I share a room with Sophie because I invite her to come help me do PR (she is the PR queen, I the princess) and this trip was no different since she met up with me at the event. 

We had been thinking for a while that I need a personal assistant with photographic aptitudes. In the mean time Sophie brought along her new roomate Ramiro Coloma, a professionnal photographer, that took a few shots of us while we were getting our networking skills on.

He was so lovely that I decided that all Ramiros are awesome!

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