Happy Anniversary!

This blog follows my journey as an independant producer, but there is another major journey in my life as a wife.

The two are intertwined in a lot of ways because Ramiro and I also have a business relationship since we make movies together. I often wonder if I would even be a producer if I hadn't met Ramiro (I knew he was my movie soulmate from the first conversation). He has this totally magical way of brigning out the best in me.

Today is our one year wedding anniversary. In French we call it noces de papier.

Our wedding day was a truly amazing moment in my life. And although I always tought it was so corny how people would say ''My wedding was the best day of my life!'', I have to admit in some regards it certainly was.

I feel extremely blessed to have Ramiro in my life. I look forward to all the years to come, being a family and making movies.

Special thanks to Thierry Lord for the wedding day pictures.

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