Mrs. Vice-President

Oh boy was that 2 day trip to Montreal ever busy!

I was going down to Montréal for a series of CQAM meeting. CQAM is a great council that brings together Media Arts artists and art centers of the province of Québec to offer diverse services and defend their rights. As it is in Canada (where art center and artists receive government grants and boursaries), cinema is in the Media Arts category along with video art, moving images, audio art and visual arts that use new medias.

I was glad when they asked me to represent Spirafilm on their board of administrators because the field of independent cinema was no being represented on the board. Always one to defend the cause of indie cinema and it's artists, I became an administrator last March. 

Much to my surprise (and honour) at last night's meeting I was chosen to become the Vice-President of the board of administrators! It is with great pleasure that I accepted the position and look forward to continue to make CQAM a pilar of the Media Arts community. It is a role I take very seriously and I thank all my co-administrators for the vote of confidence.

Dressing for business meetings is something I still am uncertain of. We are in a creative field so I don't want to go the suit way; I am always trying to look professional but wear something that shows my personality as well.

What does a Vice-President wear when se gets elected? The second of her 30 for 30 remix challenge outfit! I have to say this look was inspired by Elisabeth Simard, who has the greatest style and gets really creative with her "corporate" wardrobe. She is by far my biggest style crush in Québec city, she always looks so great.

It's nice to be back home :)

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