Spirafilm's Ciné-club

So last night was the third Ciné-club projection night. We were showing Federico Fellini's 8 1/2, one of my favorite movies of all times (that I had selected against the better sense of Spirafilm's programming comity).

... And the night was a big hit! 

There were less people in attendance than the last two projection nights because the movie was a lot less mainstream and it was being shown in Italian with English subtitles (in mostly French Québec city). However it exceeded my expectations and our guest speaker Johanne Larue was just SO interesting. I am also so happy I got to meet fellow blogger Geneviève from La Ré*CRÉATIVE!

We ended the night at the Bal du Lézard, a new partner of the Ciné-club, that provided us with refreshments while we talked cinema some more (until WAY too late for a Monday night in geek land).
Photo by Agathe Andrieu

Next up: Denis Côté's Elle veut le chaos on December sixth!

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