... I Did Not Expect That

I am having one of those weeks where nothing is going according to plan... so much for being the most organized movie geek in the world! Sometimes life has plans of it's own.

We were shooting the fifth of eight Super-8MM short films for Spirafilm's Québec Super-8 collective project and it has been the most challenging shoot so far. Many technical things went wrong, crew members canceled at the last minute and this morning our D.O.P went m.i.a, causing us to cancel the shoot (which was supposed to be the last day on that project). I just hope nothing serious happened to him (Patrick Faucher, where are you?).

Because this shoot was full of surprises I didn't get to go to Montréal to introduce our movie at SPASM, which is too bad. Our main actress Marie-Hélène Goulet got to introduce the movie for us (thanks Marie!) and unfortunately there was a technical problem during the screening of our movie (which I do not at all hold against the festival).

One thing that did not disappoint however is the Spirafilm networking cocktail hour that took place last night. There was a lot of people in attendance and we had a really great time connecting the Québec city movie industry people.
Have a good day everyone!

Thanks to my co-worker Catherine Benoit for taking my picture :)

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