One Day In The Life Of Virginie

Monday was a super busy and super satisfying Spirafilm Ciné-club day!
Early in the morning I gave an interview to CKRL radio station.
They had one of our posters on the board, which is neat.
The was a snow storm (it's snowing ALL the time these days).
Apparently if your desk isn't messy it means your not busy (I'm just messy).
Radio-Canada TV was live from our Ciné-club venue, I gave an interview for the evening news.
We were showing Denis Côté's Elle veut le chaos and there was a full blown snow storm outside. I am eternally grateful for Denis and actress Ève Durenceau who drove out here in the storm. You guys are troopers for real!


  1. Your days always sound so glamorous...much different from mine! Your job seems like so much fun. AND I'm still loving your snow! :)


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